Our vision at Mickleton Primary School, is to develop enthusiastic, confident and resilient learners, who have the knowledge and skills they need to fulfil their aspirations as responsible citizens.

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Why is Mickleton Primary School becoming an Eco School?

With the world beginning to experience the effects of climate change, different species of plant and animals becoming extinct every day and micro plastics being found in the most remote locations on Earth, now is an incredibly important time to educate future generations about the impact of their actions on our planet. We at Mickleton believe that children should attend a school that actively promotes environmental issues by working towards the international Eco-Schools Green Flag award.


The Eco-Schools programme is the largest educational programme on the planet. The Eco-Schools process aims to put young people in charge of raising environmental awareness by planning and implementing environmental actions that get their whole school and its community involved. In nearly 70 countries around the world, schools follow the same, simple, Seven Step framework that culminates in achieving an international Eco-Schools Green Flag.


All 52,000 Eco-Schools from around the world aim to meet the international criteria set for the Eco-Schools Seven Steps, within this structure pupils have the freedom to decide which of the ten Eco-Schools topics they want to work on. In addition, once they have chosen the topics they are most passionate about, they are free to decide what actions they want to take and how they are going to involve their school community.


Please do not hesitate to contact Miss Angus if you have any queries or would like to find out more about what we are doing and hope to achieve!



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