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Maths Curriculum 

The Maths Curriculum is delivered using the National Curriculum 2014 and the Early learning Goals are followed to ensure continuity and progression from the Foundation Stage through to the National Curriculum.

Maths is taught in five strands: Data Handling, Shape Space and Measure, Number, Calculation and Using and Applying.

At Mickleton  we provide a daily  maths session that seeks to reinforce previous learning and allow children to take on new skills and apply these in a range of contexts. Children are often grouped according to ability which allows teachers to target individual needs.

At Mickleton we feel that mental maths skills are key to allowing children to access the more complex calculation and number objectives set out in the National Curriculum and as such  mental maths skills are integral to the maths starters and lessons.

Regular assessment activities are planned which involve a range of ideas and skills linked to one or more of the key objectives covered previously. As a result of these assessments, individual targets are discussed/revised with pupils.

Teachers provide personalised targets for maths and the children work to achieve these over the course of a term. These targets are shared with parents on a regular basis and are displayed in the back of the children’s text books.

Long-term assessments are undertaken through a combination of teacher assessment and tests. 

Continuity and progression
A yearly overview is created by all teachers for maths, English and the foundation subjects; this ensures continuity and progression throughout the school.

Each teacher has time allocated to discuss each pupil’s attainment and progress with their existing teacher at the end of the term before pupils move class.


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