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This year at Mickleton, we have decided to adopt a different approach to how the school council is run. Our new approach involves all of the children in every class. Every few weeks, meetings are held in each class to discuss a certain topic in the form of a question with a number of possible answers. Children then work in small groups and take a vote for the answer they like the best. Action teams throughout the school will then act upon the outcome of the questions. In time, we hope that the questions will be generated by the children through communication teams.


We hope that this new approach ensures that more children are involved and included in decision making and whole school projects. In turn, we hope that this will make children feel more valued and positive about school life. We believe that every child should have a voice and be heard! 

Our Mission Statement

Our Smart Schools Council wants to improve our school by developing projects that involve everybody and build good relationships with our local community.