Our vision at Mickleton Primary School, is to develop enthusiastic, confident and resilient learners, who have the knowledge and skills they need to fulfil their aspirations as responsible citizens.

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Curriculum Statement for Intent for Music

For every child to develop to develop a love of music as well as their talents as musicians, and so increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement.

Following the National Curriculum, our objectives are to engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians, and so increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. As pupils progress, they should develop a critical engagement with music, allowing them to compose, and to listen with increasing discernment.

Lessons are taught weekly for 45 minutes. This is taught by class teachers in years R, 1 and 2. In KS2.  Alongside this, 30 minutes per week is spent in ‘singing’ assemblies, where all KS1 and KS2 children participate. 


Individual music lessons from peripatetic teachers also take place within school (Keyboard and brass).


Music is embedded across the curriculum. Songs in singing assemblies are themed. These are often PSHE and citizenship based, or link with the school’s own core values.  Class teachers also link their teaching to other curriculum areas, including History, Geography, Science, French and RE. Music and songs are also used widely in literacy and maths as an aid for the children.  For example, to learn times tables and children in Reception and Year 1 use songs to aid with literacy skills such as the alphabet and phonics.

Differentiation is through the amount of support given to each child, or by manipulating or simplifying the instruments (EG., removing unnecessary notes from a glockenspiel) There is a range of tuned and un-tuned instruments available.  Alongside this, the school has a large collection of singing and CDs and has access to online singing services such as ‘Charanga and ‘Sing Up’.

The teaching of music is enriched in the following ways:-

  • Class Assemblies – Year R, KS1 & KS2
  • Theme days incorporate national songs, or styles of songs.
  • Teachers choose assembly music on a rotating basis, exposing the children to different genres and artists. 
  • Year R – Nativity
  • KS2 – Summer production
  • Easter production

The subject is monitored throughout the year through learning observations, learning walks and discussions with staff. 

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