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Year 2

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  1. Teacher: Mrs Neale (Monday to Thursday) Miss Britt (Friday)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Tongue


Thank you for visiting our class page. On this class page you will be able to find out information about what is happening in Year 2 as well as the curriculum outline, newsletters, photographs and much more.



This half term the children are learning about The Arctic. The children will be learning about the countries in the Arctic Circle and the location of them. They will also be looking at the seasons and the weather patterns and the animals that live there.



In English, the children will be using the book Ice Bears to learn about the Arctic, focusing mainly on learning facts about Polar Bears and Inuits. The book will give the children the opportunity to explore Non-Fiction books and to learn the difference between real and made up. We will also be exploring the new vocabulary learnt in the book and putting this into writing tasks.



In Maths, the children will focus on Place Value, Addition and Subtraction. They will be learning to count in 2’s, 3’s and 5’s and learn how many tens and ones are in numbers to 100. They will be learning how to use new symbols > (greater than), < (less than) and = (equals).

Across all of these areas of Maths, children will be required to apply their skills to problem solving and reasoning.


Questions or Queries

If you would like to speak to me about your child please come and see me in the playground before school. Either myself or Mrs Tongue (unless in meetings) will be on the playground at 8.45, where possible please do not come in to the classroom before 8.45 as we are busy setting up for the day. You can also leave a note in your child’s homework diary (which when possible is checked on a Monday and Thursday) or leave a note with your child. If you require a meeting about your child please make an appointment with myself and I will be able to arrange an appropriate time.



This term our PE sessions will be on a Thursday and Friday afternoon. Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school and that it is labelled.


Many thanks

Mrs Neale


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