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History Curriculum

In Key Stage 1 children learn about the lives and lifestyles of familiar people in the recent past and about famous people and events in the more distant past, including those from British history.


In Key Stage 2 children learn about people and important events and developments from recent and more distant times in the locality, in Britain and in other parts of the world. 
Children will learn about historical enquiry by looking at as many real sources as possible and by recreating events from the past.


Geography Curriculum

We are quite fortunate in the village of Mickleton to have a very good resource of

features for Geography and History. We use these as a focus as much as we can and this involves visits to local churches, houses and gardens. The children will study these local features and then begin to expand their learning outside the area to other parts of the UK and further a field to locations abroad. The children will be taught various geographical skills such as use of maps, atlas work, coordinates etc. They will also look at weather, climate, population, settlements, natural resources, animals, plants and a great deal of this work is supported by visits and trips to various locations.

Topic Gallery

Topic Gallery 1 Mountains
Topic Gallery 2 KS1 Polar Regions
Topic Gallery 3 Roman Assembly
Topic Gallery 4 Rainforest
Topic Gallery 5 Black Country Museum
Topic Gallery 6 Ancient Greece assembly
Topic Gallery 7 North America Topic

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