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Tender Information 2019

Invitation to tender: Mickleton Primary School Nursery


Please allow me to introduce myself; I’m a governor at Mickleton Primary working on plans to reopen a nursery at our lovely village school. As you run a childcare business locally, the governors wanted to let you know that we are now inviting tenders for a company to provide nursery services on site.


We are seeking a supplier to provide nursery services to the local community from this new facility starting in September 2019 or as soon as possible thereafter. There are full details in the tender document attached, which includes a schedule of dates for expressions of interest, site visits and applications. The nursery will be based in a standalone classroom which has been converted into a new facility for pre-schoolers, with its own entrance and dedicated outdoor space. Although the site will be run by an independent supplier, our ambition is for the nursery children to integrate with school life wherever possible.


Please note that the deadline for expressions of interest is Tuesday 30 April. If you have any questions about the tender or the process of appointing a supplier, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the email address below.

Please note that answers to all questions will be published on


With all best wishes


Richard Ward


Chair – Nursery Sub Committee


Mickleton Primary School Invitation to Tender for Nursery Provision

Frequently Asked Questions - Nursery Tender 2019


Will the school's lunchtime catering be available to nursery children? 

The provider will have to negotiate with Caterlink for the provision of meals and consequently manage their own collection of money and payment to Caterlink. We would also expect supervision and accommodation at lunchtime to be managed by the Nursery provider.


Could you provide high-res images of the school layout as well as the dedicated nursery space? 
We are in the process of obtaining the original plans and will make high resolution copies available as soon as possible. 


Could you please confirm if the facility would be fully vacant (i.e. completely empty apart from fixtures/fittings?)

The building will be empty, as will be apparent at the site visit.


In paragraph 1: “the Permitted Use” means use of the Licensed Area by the Licensee for the purpose of the delivery of Early Education and Before and After School Club plus Holiday Club (for nursery registered children and their siblings of primary school age) and for no other purposes whatsoever: Does this mean that we would not be allowed to look after children attending Mickleton Primary School for before/after school club & holiday club who did not have nursery aged siblings in our care? Does this mean that we would not be allowed to look after school aged children who do not attend Mickleton Primary School for Holiday Club? Also, would the school continue to run their own before and after school provision, or would you be looking to the appointed nursery provider to take over the sole provision of this?


Mickleton Primary School currently run before and after school club [Hedgies] during term time only. The provider would not be allowed to compete for this service. 


During school holidays Playrangers provide activities usually one day each half term and three days over the summer break, the funding currently being arranged by the Chair of Governors with no fee for participation on the day.  Whether or not this continues could be open to negotiation.

However, we would wish to encourage holiday club provision by the appointed provider for any child of nursery or primary school age using the designated Nursery area of the Site.

If parents applied for term time after school care for primary age children not attending Mickleton Primary School, we would raise no objection. 


In paragraph 5.1 a notice period of 6 months is given. Were we to be successful we would make a considerable investment into learning materials, furnishings and marketing, and a 6 month notice period would not give us enough certainty to make that investment. Is there any scope for negotiating an extension of this notice period?

The wording of the licence agreement was produced by the legal team at Gloucestershire County Council as they issue the licence. We are not empowered to change this.


We do not have company accounts for the last two years. Is there any alternative information that you might accept instead?

The aim of this requirement was to reassure ourselves of the financial stability of applicants. Given your circumstances, the question has to be what evidence can you produce which would achieve this objective?


Re: Appendix 4: ‘The licence fee includes utility costs’ (…) and ‘Once separate meters are in place, there may need to be a review of the licence fee related to actual rather than estimated use’. Are you able to provide figures for the estimated use that your license fee is based on? 

There is no precedent for out of term utilities costs. In assessing the licence fee, a proportion of school utilities costs were allocated proportionate to the size of the facility compared to the rest of the school. We are currently looking at the installation of separate metering. Details of the estimation will be available for the site visit.

Mickleton Primary and Nursery School, Broadmarston Lane, Mickleton, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, GL55 6SJ