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Tender Information 2019

Mickleton Pre-School update

Mickleton Pre-school will sadly not be re-opening this term. Our chosen provider, Polkadot Childcare, decided not to go ahead, citing lack of interest from local families. As governors we would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you and explain the situation in more detail.

Unfortunately Polkadot made the sudden decision to pull out of the tender in early August, when the governing body were completely unaware of any problems. Polkadot were appointed after a detailed tender process involving months of consultation with Gloucestershire County Council and careful assessment of suppliers. The governors strongly believe there is potential for nursery provision at Mickleton. We were devastated when Polkadot suddenly announced that there was not enough demand for a pre-school without consulting us for input, when we had offered support with marketing to recruit children. We have attempted to discuss delaying opening to January to work on improving numbers, but Polkadot are not interested. Again, we are sorry for the impact Polkadot’s decision has had on families with three and four-year-olds hoping to begin their time here at Mickleton this autumn.

The governors are now considering options for the future of pre-school education at Mickleton Primary and would like to consult parents and the local community to assess the need for a pre-school facility. We value your opinions and over the next six weeks we will send out a survey and hold an open meeting at the school to gather your views. Please watch out for more details.

Thank you in advance for your support and understanding and we will be in touch again soon.


With all best wishes


Richard Ward


Chairman, Nursery committee