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Phiz Lab Visit - Willow Class - 22.10.14

Wednesday 22nd October 2014 - Willow Class visited the Phiz Lab at Chipping Campden School today. The Lab and resources are funded by the Ogden Trust (a charity aimed at promoting physics in primary and secondary schools).

The children wore the new Ogden Trust Lab Coats and goggles before learning all about Rockets. After a group investigation to find out how a balloon can travel along a piece of string the children then went on to make alca-seltzer film canister rockets!
The BANGS were very impressive and kept on going !

A trip outside allowed Mrs Flaherty to show the children and launch a water bottle rocket with a foot pump, the first bottle was very impressive whilst the second one landed on top of the school roof!

The finale was a demonstration form Dr Harrison  - he poured rocket fuel into a large clear water container - after carefully pouring out the excess fuel the gas coming out of the top of the bottle was ignited............  BANG!!!!!!!!!!! and SCREAM!!!!!

Wow - it was really impressive and demonstrated the force.

Mrs Flaherty was glad that the bottle wasn't the other way up or the water bottle rocket   would have gone through the ceiling.

The children will be following up the rocket investigations back in school after half term  - they will be making their own paper rockets and launching them outside.  

Well done Willow Class - what a fantastic afternoon. Mrs Marsh

Mickleton Primary and Nursery School, Broadmarston Lane, Mickleton, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, GL55 6SJ