Our vision at Mickleton Primary School, is to develop enthusiastic, confident and resilient learners, who have the knowledge and skills they need to fulfil their aspirations as responsible citizens.

Mickleton Primary School

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Mickleton Primary School 

Curriculum Implementation Statement for French

To develop the teaching and learning of French across the school, preparing children for future opportunities in French speaking countries.

Children from Year 3 to Year 6 have a 45 minutes’ French lesson every week. We use a range of programs to develop children’s skills in languages, through regular taught lessons. Children progressively acquire, use and apply a growing bank of vocabulary organised around topics. All of these approaches help to equip the children with the skills to be confident global citizens. There are plenty of different resources to match the MFL curriculum. Assessment is completed termly on Insight.


There are many cross-curricular links that can be developed with French. For example, children can use their mathematic skills to count and do some numbers bonds in French, there is the opportunity to study a French Artist such as Monet or Cezanne. There are comparison made between England and France in Geography and the children have the opportunity to study historical French events.


Observations by the class teacher and completing assessments on Insight are used to measure curriculum impact and progress.